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Professional company formation Dubai is a profitable proposition, given the vibrant business environment, trouble-free incorporations, affordable operational costs, 100% ownership and a multitude of other benefits readily available. Any expatriate investor can start a professional company offering services based on his/her intellectual efforts and academic qualifications. However, the professional company uphold all conduct-related norms and cultural etiquettes, as its activities are constantly monitored by authorities.

Unlike a company, which might direct its policies recklessly, a professional company doesn’t just deliver but delivers more than what is expected in a style that reflects their expertise and experience in the business. Professional Companies offer valid and viable professional services in the UAE, which is oriented at protecting the integrity of the customer, as well as maintaining the trustworthiness of the company.

The support of the UAE local service agent is compulsory for Professional Company registration. The local service agent should be an Emirati or UAE national who can support you in obtaining licenses, labour cards, handling logistics and sponsor UAE residency and work visas for employees. Annual sponsor charge depends on the business activity and the sponsor you choose. However, the annual sponsorship rate starts at AED 8,000.

Professional company formation in Dubai is a quick, convenient and transparent process if you’re as well-versed with the process as we are. Danburite is keen for UAE business and loves nothing more than seeing a new company flourish. We provide expert advice on the legal hurdles while you incorporate Professional Company in the UAE and propose feasible and cost-effective solutions that you might require post incorporations.

Danburite boasts of an experienced, insightful and trustworthy team to navigate you through the Professional Company in UAE procedure from start to finish. As a business consulting company, we know how to distinguish, employ and advance able subordinates and when to designate and when to assume responsibility to obtain your Service License.

Danburite extends the following services for Professional Company registration in the UAE

  • Trade name registration
  • To get an office location
  • Initial approval from the authority
  • To find a local service agent
  • Drafting documents and notarization
  • Document submission to get the license
  • Open bank accounts
  • Processing visa in the UAE
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