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Dubai Visa Solution team offers UAE Family Residency Visa Services with a professional approach and great quality. The process to obtain a UAE family visa is long and complex and can be confusing to you. This is where our expert professionals can help you out with visa application services from beginning to end. Dubai Visa Solution Attestation Services is one of the best visa service providers in the UAE. We can offer family visa services and visa attestation services at the best rates in UAE.

UAE Family Visa is required when the immediate family or others, as in the spouse, children, or parents of a UAE permanent resident wishes to join them and relocate to UAE. There are certain parameters that you should know and have before applying for a UAE Residence Visa for your family.

Purposes & Requirements for UAE Family Visa

Here are the prerequisites for a UAE Family Visa at different instances.

If you wish to sponsor your spouse and children for a UAE visa, it is mandatory to prove that your monthly income is Dh 4,000 or more along with the cost of their accommodation covered.

The requirement in case you wish to bring your parents to UAE as a sponsor is different. In that case, your monthly income should be equal to or more than Dh 20,000.

This difference is because the immigration norms in UAE consider spouses and children as immediate family, and sponsoring beyond that can be an expensive matter.

If the application you are sponsoring for a resident visa is currently residing outside UAE, then they are required to first apply for an entry resident visa. Later, when they arrive in the United Arab Emirates, they should apply for a residence stamp within 30 days.

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