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Current economic reliability of the UAE is satisfactory for financial institutions like a bank. Dubai Bank’s leading-edge financial system satisfies the modern standards and customer needs when you have to open a bank account in Dubai. Due to this reason, the UAE financial institutions have been accredited globally and increased a perfect reputation with respect to the services they offer.

A lot of business people are interested to open a bank account in Dubai-UAE, everyone wants to open their personal and corporate bank accounts in Dubai, and so they can secure their monetary assets. Due to this all, almost all international banks attempt to open their representative office or branch offices in Dubai. Most of the above said affirmative facts increase the possible interest of international investors and business owners to keep their companies’ capital in the banks of Dubai

It is important to mention that the procedure of Dubai bank account opening for corporate use is differs from bank to bank. Bank account opening in Dubai requires time in order to complete all necessary steps of the application to open a bank account in Dubai. The following section of information about opening a bank account in Dubaiwill give you a greater understanding.

Bank Account in Dubai UAE – Presence Requirements

As per the legal protocol of the financial institutions of the United Arab Emirates, it is compulsory to be physically present in Dubai for UAE bank account opening. Else, the process will be considered illegal and the bank will not permit opening a bank account in Dubai. The reason for physical presence is that original signature of the documents and personal identity confirmation is an obligatory requirement which allows the applicant to open a corporate bank account in UAE.

Opening Bank Account in UAE For Foreign Company

It is possible to open a bank account in Dubai for the foreign companies. A foreign company is a company registered outside the UAE jurisdiction, irrespective it is offshore Company such as BVI Offshore Company or Onshore Company in any jurisdiction around the globe. In order to open a bank account in Dubai, All the required documents should be approved/legitimatized and attested from UAE embassy in the country of origin and then from the ministry of foreign affairs (MOFA) in Dubai. The course of action of UAE bank account opening can be cost-intensive.

Dubai Bank Account – Online Banking System

Most of the people who are interested in opening a Dubai bank account are generally interested in the online banking system. For example bank account for offshore companies, a bank doesn’t issue checkbook book and debit card to the client, they have only one option to operate his bank account which is online banking.

In these days Dubai online banking is a unique instrument of managing bank accounts from anywhere in the world. This online banking system is very useful for those companies who have international business transactions and want to transfer funds from one account to another account worldwide. It is important to mention that the online banking systems of UAE are an extremely secured way to do business transactions and protect its clients from frauds.

Therefore, if you open a bank account in Dubai, the main benefits of the online banking system is that you can have full control on your Dubai bank account from anywhere in the world.

At Dubai Visa Solution we introduce our clients to open bank accounts in a number of jurisdictions as we specialize in the opening of bank accounts in Dubai – UAE.

Our bank account introduction procedure is professional service provided by our consultants to European or Offshore company owners as an approved bank intermediary. We give our best for the bank to agree – to open an account for every client, and with our professional expertise, we moderately increase the success rate for opening of a bank account. We also can trim down potential application hold ups with incorrect or missing documents that the client may not have the knowledge of or which was not in his known information.

We consider the following factors when advising banks for account opening: client’s Nationality (citizenship) and country of residence, types of transactions involved (trading/manufacturing / real estate / investment), volume of payment transfers, investment requirements, confidentiality, soft currency requirements, as well as language issues when communicating with the bank.

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